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Stash Can


Keep your herbs and valuables secure and out of sight yet easily accessible when you need them with stash containers. At My Bong Shop, we offer a range of high-quality stash cans designed to be discreet, with a hidden compartment that blends into plain sight.

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What are stash cans?

Stash cans are cleverly designed storage solutions that look like everyday items but have a secret compartment for keeping your herbs or valuables safe and out of sight. These are also known as diversion safe stash cans because they're meant to divert attention away from the items hidden inside.

The idea is to hide things out in the open, making these cans the perfect solution for storing your items in a discreet way. Whether it's herbs, money or anything else you want to keep under wraps, these stash containers do the job without attracting attention or drawing any suspicion.

What are the benefits of stash cans?

Stash cans offer a smart and secure way to keep your items protected. These storage stash solutions feature hidden storage compartments perfect for tucking your things away. Their benefits include:

  • Discretion: These containers are made to hide valuables in plain sight. They look like everyday items to help keep items securely hidden.
  • Protection: They provide a secure environment for your valuables, protecting them from potential thieves or prying eyes. The hidden storage compartment is designed to keep items safe and undisturbed.
  • Versatility: Whether you need to store herbs, cash or small personal items, storage stash cans cater to a wide range of needs.
  • Ease of use: Accessing your herbs is straightforward with this can. It has an intuitive design that allows for quick and easy access to the hidden storage compartment whenever needed.

What are the different types of stash cans?

Stash containers come in a variety of designs to suit different preferences and needs. While some might mimic household products like cleaning supplies or personal care items, we specialise in stash cans that look like drink cans at My Bong Shop.

Our drink can stash containers are crafted to closely mimic an actual drink can, complete with branding and a weight similar to that of a full drink can, so they’re indistinguishable from the real thing. This design offers a clever way to hide your herbs or valuables alongside your actual energy drink stash and water bottles in your fridge or pantry.

Stash cans vs. stash boxes and stash tins

When choosing a place to store your herbs or valuables, stash cans, stash boxes and stash tins offer something unique. At My Bong Shop, we have stash cans that disguise themselves as everyday drink cans. This means you can place them openly in places like your pantry or fridge without drawing any attention.

Stash boxes and stash tins are different. They might be effective for keeping items safe, but they don’t blend into everyday environments as stash cans do. Here’s a brief comparison:

  • Disguise: These cans look just like the drinks you’d find in any fridge or pantry. Stash boxes and tins are straightforward and more suited for private spaces, like a room or a cabinet.
  • Security: These cans offer an extra layer of security through their deceptive appearance, while stash boxes and tins rely on being out of sight to keep items safe.
  • Versatility: These cans can be placed almost anywhere without suspicion. Stash boxes and tins are better for keeping a larger collection of items securely in one place.
  • Accessibility: Stash cans, stash boxes and stash tins provide easy access to items, but the cans offer the added benefit of being hidden in plain sight.

What should be in a stash can?

A stash can is perfect for hiding things you want to keep out of sight but close at hand. It's especially handy for those who enjoy a discreet puff as it lets you keep your vape in the can, ready for use anytime without attracting unwanted attention.

Herbs, particularly those you wish to maintain fresh and potent, benefit from the can's airtight environment. Valuables such as cash, jewellery or keys can also be safely hidden away.

Shop for stash cans at My Bong Shop

Keep your stash safe and your sessions discreet with My Bong Shop. Our collection of high-quality stash cans is perfect for any Australian enthusiast looking for a smart way to store valuables or herbs. Here at our store, you can also find high-quality bongs, bong parts, bong accessories, grinders, rolling trays and more to make your entire experience more enjoyable.

Shopping with My Bong Shop in Australia is easy. Browse our best sellers, favourites and new arrivals, and when you're ready to secure your stash essentials, simply head to checkout, add items to your wishlist or view cart to finalise your picks.


Where can I buy a discreet stash can for hiding valuables?

You can buy discreet stash cans for hiding your valuables right here at My Bong Shop. We offer a variety of products disguised as drink cans to help you keep things hidden in plain sight. Check out our collection today and find the perfect stash container for your needs.

How do stash cans work for hiding valuables?

Stash cans from My Bong Shop feature a clever design with a top part that unscrews to reveal a hidden compartment inside. This design lets you store herbs or valuables away from prying eyes. Explore our range of stash container today and find the perfect discreet storage solution. For more questions, read our FAQs.